Exam Season Has Come To An End!

So the day has finally come, tomorrow morning I will be sitting my final first year exam and it couldn’t have come any sooner!

My past few weeks have been spent sitting exams for my Marketing course which I am sitting at Portsmouth University. So far I have sat the Business Accounting, Quantitative Research Methods, MAPIO and Business Operations, and tomorrow morning at 9:00am I will be in my Economics exam.

The course has been interesting, however it is a bit annoying as I am studying topics which are not relevant to my degree. This is because, for the first year of studying, all subjects relating to Business are grouped together and everybody sits the same exams. There is no way that I will be looking to go into a line of economics or accounting, but the exams are compulsory therefore I need to get them done.

So far I believe the four exams I have taken have gone well and I believe that tomorrow’s one should be the same, though I may be a bit sleep deprived by the time I am there. By 10:30, I will have officially have finished my first year of University and it has been great (but that’s a story for another blog entry). My plan is to now return home to Bromley and get myself a job so that I can fund the activities I have planned for my four month long summer break!


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